Sam (sampiano) wrote in gentoo,

2 Problems

I'm having a couple of problems regarding Gentoo, which I'm hoping that somebody could help me with.

1. Regards the new version of openSSH (and probably openSSL) (specifically, openssh-4.4_p1-r6 and openssl-0.9.8d). When I updated my system, I was no longer able to ssh. I would type ssh me@system, it would ask me for my password (and would seemingly log in), and then hang before I could get a prompt. Intersetingly enough, scp worked fine. I unmerged openssh and merged ssh, and that fixed the problem - I'm now able to ssh into the system I want to. However, using thunderbird to connect to the system using SSL also won't work (it used to before I did the update). Is there a known problem with SSL (or SSH), or is there some config options I don't know about?

2. Has anybody here used v4l2 devices? I was trying to set up a USB webcam (Microdix Sweex 0c45:6005) which uses the sn9c102 driver. I have the driver built into the kernel (Linux samlaptop 2.6.18-gentoo-r2) and when I plug in the camera, running dmesg correctly identifies it. Running xawtv -hwscan also recognizes the device, but as soon as I try to capture from it, I get a stream of errors (and certainly no picture).

Thanks for your help.
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