Matthew Caron (mattcaron) wrote in gentoo,
Matthew Caron

Changes in Gentoo over the past 4 years...

Hey folks,

About 4 years ago, I ran Gentoo for about a year (initial install was 2004.0). I ended up moving away from it because:

(1) Compiling things from source takes forever
(2) Every week or so (or when I saw a security notice come out), I would run emerge -uDv world, and would spend 4 hours merging config files.

Eventually, I moved away from Gentoo because of this maintenance burden. However, some friends of mine have recently been poking it and have said that this has gotten a lot better.

Now, (1) I can see getting better, since laptops are now more powerful than desktops of 4 years ago, but have they really fixed (2)? If so, how? The simple solution is to include an unmaintained file which handles local config, but not all applications support this.

Thanks in advance.
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